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Rev. Andrea Sims

Dear friends

I have been asked to write a little note to introduce myself to you all.

I was born not so many miles away in North Staffs hospital and lived with my parents and brother Ben in Loggerheads, near Market Drayton. After finishing primary school we moved to a small holding near Nantwich, Cheshire as my family had a dream to own a farm. Here my brothers Joe (who has since died) and David were born.

It was during this time that I was very unhappy, I was bullied at school by teachers and pupils alike and I was worried about our imminent move to a farm in Wales. We had sold the small holding and were living with my dads sisters – Mum, Dad and the boys with one aunt and Ben and I with another. I just wanted to get out of the whole situation. So I knelt down in my bedroom and prayed to the God I had heard about in school: “If you exist, please get us out of this mess – and I will serve you for the rest of my life”

Within two weeks we found and bought the family farm in Shropshire and low and behold in the back garden was a small Methodist chapel. I was haunted by my promise to serve God so I reluctantly went - relieved that the services were only once a month! I suffered through the services that bored me rigid and started up a Sunday school and youth club so that I could impress the universities with my CV when I went forward for teacher training. God had other plans!!! One of the chapel members lent me a book called ‘the cross and the switchblade’ by David Wilkerson and it changed my life.

I went to bed one night and prayed to God telling him that I was sorry for all the selfish things I had done and that I wanted Jesus to come into my life and to help me to live a life that was worth living.

The next day when I woke up I knew I was different, I had to visit a friend who lived in the Welsh mountains and I felt overwhelmed by the beauty around me it was as if I could see properly for the first time, I felt a lightness in my spirit, and a desire to hug everyone I met!

A short time afterwards I felt called to the ministry, went to Cliff College to become a local preacher, candidated for the ministry, trained at Wesley collage Bristol and have served God for the last 8 years in the Driffield circuit in East Yorkshire.

I hope to tell you more about those years at another time.

What strikes me as I join you is a sense of being at home. This time last year all I could think about was what I would loose by moving – friends, familiarity and the beautiful coast. Last week I read in ‘every day with Jesus’ the following verse “Whoever finds his life will lose it and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” (Matt 10:39) and it struck me – I haven’t lost anything - only gained. I am still in touch with friends in Driffield and I have gained so much more; supportive caring colleagues, wonderful welcoming congregations and more walks than I could imagine to explore with my four dogs Rebel, Polly, Ebony and Dibley.

I am excited about what God has planned in this next chapter as we share together on the journey.

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